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Your Solutions & Analytics Transformation Partner

Solytics Partners is a US-based Global Analytics firm, with delivery operations based out of the US, Argentina, the UK, and India.

We are focused on providing ‘Accelerated Services’ and ‘Solutions’ in the areas of Risk and Compliance, by combining our deep domain expertise with new-age analytics and emerging technologies (AI, ML, NLP/NLG, etc.), with the objective of meeting or exceeding regulatory and compliance expectations while drastically reducing the turnaround time and monetary cost for our clients.

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Our Services

Model Validation

SR 11-7 compliant validation of Risk, AML, Fraud, Pricing, Vendor and Challenger Models, and Automation of the Model Validation Processes

Stress Testing

Scenario Generation and Expansion, Stress Modeling, Reporting – for CCAR/DFAST, EBA, PRA, HKMA

Model Development, Documentation & Testing

Model Development, Recalibration, Testing, and Documentation, Implementation testing and UAT

Model Governance Frameworks

Defining Governance Framework, Policies and Procedures, Model Ownership and Access, Model Approval Process

Credit Underwriting

Loan Underwriting and Documentation, Credit Decisioning Transformation, Scorecard Modeling

KYC Analytics

CDD/EDD, Customer Risk Rating and Segmentation, Data Validation, Process Standardization and Automation

Transaction Monitoring

Scenario Testing and Tuning, False Positive Reduction, System, Data, and Model Migration, System and Scenario Validation

Alert Clearing

Investigating and Clearing L1 and L2 Alerts, Process Automation, False Positive Reduction using NLP/NLG

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Card, Payment, and Remote Banking Fraud Detection using ML Algorithms, Enterprise Fraud Risk Mitigation

Sanctions, PEP, Negative News Screening

Comprehensive screening against global and local databases, local language and translation capabilities, complete audit trail

Data Analytics

Data Extraction, Ingestion, and Integration, Real-time Data Visualization through APIs, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Data Modeling

Data Management

Data Strategy, Architecture, Governance, Processing and Enrichment, Quality Management, Migration and Integration, Metadata Management

Data Engineering

Data Warehouse, Data Modeling, Data Lake and Pipeline, Ingestion and Abstraction, ETL Analytics

Text Analytics and NLP

Sentiment Analysis, Web Data Extraction, Text Matching, Summarization, and Classification, Structured and Unstructured Data Handling

Sanctions and Adverse Media Screening

SAMS™ is the next-generation, integrated solution for all sanctions, watchlist, PEP and adverse media screening requirements. Augmented by proprietary ML/AI algorithms, powered by a comprehensive database, and equipped with a fully-automated, near real-time data collection process, SAMS™ avoids human errors and delivers significant cost efficiencies by reducing false positives. SAMS™ can be seamlessly integrated with your existing AML solutions and in-house databases, and can be customized in line with your firm’s risk management philosophy.

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Data Parser

Robust, scalable, and easily integrable ML-based utility to crawl, scrape, parse, and extract web indices and text data from different sources in business-appropriate format.

NLP Engine

NLP engine that simplifies text data problems across different languages to generate actionable insights and outcomes. Facilitates working across 50+ languages, runs analytics (sentiment, relevance, source credibility, name matching, etc.) and automates summarization of information and news.

Data Analyser

AI/ML based augmented data quality and validation engine, tailored for industry practitioners working in specifics domains.

Modelling Engine

Modeling Suite that provides access to both Machine Learning (Supervised and Unsupervised) and traditional modeling techniques with the ability to test, analyze, and benchmark model output. Intuitive workflow and UI allows analysts to work without requiring any Python or R expertise.

Auto Text Generator

NLG engine that allows you to define data descriptions to generate multiple versions of those descriptions varying in wording and structure. A state-of-the-art propriety technology enabling data storytelling in the form of a human narrator.